10 Reasons Why Choose a Biotech Majors at Stanford University

Kangmabrur.com – The branch of Biology that utilizes technological sophistication to improve the quality of human life in today’s modern era can be your dream major. Especially for those of you who are interested in science supported by qualified mathematics, then study at Stanford University, then you can become a candidate for biotechnology experts in the world. You have the opportunity to get a bright future with the abilities you have.

If you are still unsure about taking this opportunity, then consider several reasons for choosing to major in Biotechnology at Stanford University.

If you are a science graduate in high school, it’s a good idea to take majors related to material in high school, one of which is Biotechnology. There are many reasons for choosing the Biotechnology major at Stanford University which can provide a guaranteed future in the future as follows:

1. Suitable for students who are proficient in MIPA

The reason you took Biotechnology was because you were interested in learning more about MIPA, why not?

2. Fun theory and practical courses

Courses in the Biotechnology major are very diverse so that you will have broader insights, be able to develop the latest innovations in human survival using technology and be able to practice directly in the field or laboratory.

3. There are more local and international scholarships available

One of the study programs that offers many scholarships both domestically and abroad so that you become a reliable biotechnology expert in the future.

4. Job opportunities

Job opportunities are very high, because the needs of an increasingly modern era require the latest technological innovations in any case, for example food and the environment.

5. Broad employment prospects

The job prospects for Biotechnology graduates are very broad, both in government agencies, private industry or independent.

6. High salary

The salary of a researcher-class biotechnology expert at LIPI can reach millions of rupiah per month or you can join a pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and other company with a salary of tens to tens of millions of rupiah.

7. Able to research and develop the latest food products

This major is suitable for those of you who like new challenges in researching and developing the latest food products using technology.

Has two prestigious professions

You can be a researcher as well as a lecturer, be a researcher who writes books or essays on the development of biotechnology, that’s fine.

8. Can become an independent entrepreneur

The material you get during college can be your provision to become an independent entrepreneur in today’s manufacturing industry.

9. Can develop agriculture, animal husbandry and manufacturing industries

What you research and develop can be an inspiration for industrial development in Indonesia, you know! You are helping to save human lives by contributing to the latest environmental and food technology innovations.

The reasons for choosing the Biotechnology major above can be a consideration for those of you who are still confused about choosing a college major that matches your passion.

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